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Nicholas H.Tollervey [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Yesterday's London meet-up 2014-01-15 14:37:29 (6 years 8 mons 3 days 05:06:00 ago)
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Hi Jer, Hello Holger, Greetings Redecentralizers,

Apologies for the tardy response time on my part, I wanted to do you the
courtesy of thinking about the content of this email rather than simply
dashing something off. Of course, with a young family, I have a chronic
case of too-much-to-do-and-not-enough-time-to-do-it-in syndrome...

On 08/01/14 13:03, Jeremie Miller wrote:
> Holger's cc wasn't included so maybe you can forward, but I'd be 
> very interested in getting the telehash community involved in what 
> you're talking about, I believe that's exactly what we've built 
> towards as a p2p framework and now have working

Cool. I'll need to catch up with developments.

I'm working towards the P2P equivalent of the ubiquitous "blog" demo for
web frameworks or "ToDo" lists for client side JS frameworks. Perhaps a
simple P2P chat application. If such projects are to get traction with
developers they need to be very simple to use.

Sometimes I think what I'm doing is a bad case of NIH - it's only been
just over a year of work (in fits and starts) on my part yet telehash,
mainline and other DHT implementations have been around for years.
Nevertheless, I console myself that I've been thinking about this stuff
since my time at Fluidinfo, I'm have far too much fun and learning a
lot in the meantime and it's good to imagine / play / build solutions
as a mechanism for exploring a problem. To butcher an analogy, it's a
large garden and may many flowers bloom.

Finally, I think it's great that "redecentralize" appears to be
gaining traction: it's a valuable "village pump" around which we can
share idea, successes, failures and so on.

All the best,


> Jer
>> On Jan 8, 2014, at 3:49 AM, "Nicholas H.Tollervey" 
>> <ntoll@ntoll.org> wrote:
>>>> On 08/01/14 10:14, Ross Jones wrote: For the benefit of those
>>>> of us that couldn’t make it, but might be interested in 
>>>> events in Germany … could you elucidate?
> Yes.
> At last year's Europython Holger Krekel (cc'd) gave a keynote 
> titled "The return of peer-to-peer computing" 
> (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCgl0xXFVOg) which is well worth
> a watch. Buddies at the conference tweeted at me during his talk 
> telling me I should "get in touch with this guy" (knowing my 
> interest in P2P).
> We exchanged emails and a group of us met for a P2P sprint in 
> November 2013 working in small groups on various different bits of 
> technology in both a practical "hacking" sense (i.e. we wrote code)
> and in a broader philosophical / architectural sense (i.e. we
> debated, discussed and brainstormed). It was a lot of fun.
> At the end of the week we did a sort of show of what we'd all been 
> collaborating on. Holger, Fabian and I presented what you can find
> at http://p4p2p.net/ - we basically imagined what would be required
> in a framework for writing P2P applications: as Ruby on Rails or
> Django are for web applications, we asked ourselves what would be
> the equivalent for P2P..? In the end we looked at re-purposing some
> of the DHT work I'd been doing on the drogulus and Holger's execnet
> project (http://codespeak.net/execnet/). Since then, I've been
> lobotomozing the drogulus in order to extract the DHT parts that
> could be re-used in p4p2p.net.
> Andi, Tom, Florian and Yiorgis looked at / discussed / presented / 
> hacked upon / broke / mended WebRTC, Tahoe, Crypho and techniques 
> for punching holes in firewalls / NAT.
> We intend to do the same sort of thing again in Freiburg, perhaps 
> here:
> http://www.fewo-direkt.de/ferienwohnung-ferienhaus/p507456
> (Sleeps 4-10 people and there's further accommodation and plenty
> of Alphorns close by - check out the photos.)
> The provisional dates are Sunday, March 16th -> Friday, 21st.
> If you're interested in attending drop me and/or Holger (cc'd) a 
> line.
> Hope this makes things clearer and I'm more than happy to answer 
> any questions you may have,
> Nicholas.

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