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Adrien [GG] Re: So centralized! 2016-04-06 23:26:00 (3 years 5 mons 28 days 15:02:00 ago)


On 06/04/2016 07:24, juh wrote:
 > why did you change the list to Google?

I also don't get it. The fact that there was an issue with librelist
didn't force to turn to a Google Group which is no more than a mailing
list... If I remember, mailing lists have existed before Google and we
could have asked dozens of persons who would have offered to host the
redecentralize list for free and to take care that the previous issues
encountered with librelist don't occur again. Am I right?

Using Google now is a bit like sending a signal saying that we don't
believe in what we do. If it was about finding a free and decentralised
social network with advanced features, OK maybe there's no really
adequate candidate for now (or maybe there is... this is not the
question), but a mailing list... are you serious?!