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Benjamin ANDRE [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Hello ! 2013-12-09 00:08:01 (7 years 2 mons 26 days 13:54:00 ago)
ok nice !
In fact I am contributing to two french projects.

1/ The white paper about platforms neutrality that I already introduced.
This white paper is requested by the government to a commission of "digital wise guys" - the "CNNum" -, which is composed of about 20 persons, such as Tristan Nitot from Mozilla for instance.
I am not one of them but I know some of them. So I want to convince them to include the personal cloud as a way to contribute to the neutrality of the platforms.
For that, my contacts wihin the CNNum want me to write a paper so that I could present it to the commission.
=> I started this work yesterday, so it is at a very early stage but if you agree that I post this work on the mailing list, I will do it in order to augment my work with open contributions !
At the end I will translate the document into french, but only at the end.

2/ Propositions for the french cloud industry.
Cozy is a member of a commission led by OVH and ATOS in charge by the government to build a list of propositions to encourage the development of the french cloud industry.
There are only 13 companies, so Cozy is quite proud to be one of them !  (Orange, Atos, OVH, CEGID, BULL ...)
And better, OVH is convinced that "personal cloud" is a future mainstream trend, so they help us to add some strong propositions for the development of personal clouds...
This second document is more mature, I will translate it when I find time, I am sure some of you could also have some good ideas !

As I am very busy, I am not sure when I will be able to present you these documents, but definitely I hope that it will be in the coming weeks.

Benjamin ANDRE - +33 (0)6 86 25 36 66 - Cozy.io

2013/12/8 Ross Jones <ross@servercode.co.uk>
Hi Benjamin,

That’s sounds great.  I’d love to contribute (in French or English) if I can, and I’m sure there will be plenty of discussion around some of the points you address - although primarily I suspect in English.

So please, do keep post the specific topics you’re covering to the list and I’m sure they’ll spark some debate.


On 8 Dec 2013, at 21:26, Benjamin ANDRE <ben@CozyCloud.CC> wrote:

Hello to the mailing list of re-decentralize.

I am currently writing a white paper for the french governmen t about decentralization.

They requested the advice of the "National Commission for the Digital Society" about the neutrality of "platforms" (=Google, Facebook, Apple ...).
So I am preparing arguments explaining that "personal cloud" is a good way to influence the "neutrality of platforms" :-)

The text will be in french, but if anyone is interested to help, I would be happy to share the document in english in order to have as many contributions as possible.

ping me if interested !


Benjamin ANDRE - +33 (0)6 86 25 36 66 - Cozy.io