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Francis Irving [LibreList] DataCoin 2013-12-25 00:29:40 (5 years 9 mons 22 days 14:31:00 ago)
DataCoin is a decentralized storage system, keeping the data in a
blockchain. You pay for storage using the underlying coins of its


It's kind of cute that it only can store 513Gb per year. Has to have
some other personal chains hanging off it for more storage:

    10. People really need to store more than 513Gb of data per year in
    decentralized storage. Do you have any plans to increase storage

    Datacoin is a root storage engine in the decentralized storage
    service. This storage is both reliable and expensive. I'm now working
    on concept of personal chains. Personal chains will start from the
    root Datacoin blockchain and will be replicated to nodes by
    subscription (nodes can choose chains they subscribe to). The Datacoin
    blockchain will handle only identification and some metadata for all
    personal chains.


I'm not sure of the value above a distributed filestore more like
Drogulus. And yet, it seems at least interesting to be aware of.