We’ve had enough of digital monopolies and surveillance capitalism. We want an alternative world that works for everyone, just like the original intention of the web and net.

We seek a world of open platforms and protocols with real choices of applications and services for people. We care about privacy, transparency and autonomy. Our tools and organisations should fundamentally be accountable and resilient.


Virgil Griffith [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Anyone here from Washington, DC? 2014-01-02 18:55:59 (5 years 9 mons 13 days 19:16:00 ago)

Talk to the TRSST people.  They are DC area.

On Jan 2, 2014 6:13 PM, "Eric Mill" <eric@konklone.com> wrote:
I'm tempted to start a decentralization meetup here in DC. Any other seeds in the audience?

-- Eric