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Jörg F. Wittenberger [LibreList] Re: Sync/backup session was Re: [redecentralize] RDC 15 2015-10-16 11:31:17 (4 years 10 mons 20 days 19:25:00 ago)
Am 15.10.2015 um 21:07 schrieb Francis Irving:
> Hello!
> News stuff sounds really interesting!
> I'm going to do a session on decentralized file sync/backup tools. Get
> everyone's recommendations in groups with postit notes, and collectively
> file bugs and improve documentation.
> What tools do people use day to day for sync/backup? What problems stop
> you using any such tool and mean you fall back to Dropbox or Crashplan?

I'm using ball.askemos.org for some file storage, notes, diary, wiki
etc.  Since it' scriptable and provides a fresh sqlite db for each
object new applications are as easy as anywhere else.

Advantages: per-object set of replica (full replication to each side,
unlike e.g. Tahoe), 2/3rd-majority of those replica required to update
objects (byzantine fault tolerant agreement, no SPOF), easy (typically
used via webbrowser), fast if compared to say Ethereum (ca. 2 updates
per second per object; but each object has it's own "blockchain" so it
scales by parallel operation), maintains DNS records for dynamic peers
(try "dig ball.askemos.org" - most of those IP's are ARM-SoC systems at
the homes of friends).  (And yes: it delivers it's own website from
those SoCs.)

Downsides: the fuse client is not stable enough to be released publicly
and WebDAV is no longer widely supported on client sides.  While the
whole thing should itself be able to run on Android, nobody had the
resources to actually compile for it.  GUI client is just under
development.  Same for transition to elliptic curve (using tweetnacl)
based encryption instead of SSL.  So it's not ready for the casual end
user to simply install.



> I would love it if other people run similar sessions on the other tools
> people most want (see survey on Redecentralize.org homepage) eg on state
> of instant messaging alternatives.
> Francis
> On Thu, 15 Oct 2015, at 06:25 PM, will.sch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm Will (one of
> the many volunteers helping to organise RDC 15). Firstly I'm massively
> excited about this weekend's conference. I think we are going to have a
> lot of fun and there are some exceptionally talented people coming so it
> will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn and hear new ideas.
> Decentralization is a big opportunity to create positive societal change
> in many areas and that is the reason I volunteered to help.
>> One
>  of my main interests is looking at ways in which we can create news
>  publications that are controlled and edited by it's readers, that are
>  censorship proof, that remove bias from journalism and allows more
>  accurate and transparent dissemination of information to citizens.
>  After all, information and news are what allows us, as a society to
>  make good decisions and build lasting systems that benefit us all. It
>  is not enough just to give people the ability to change things we also
>  need to give people the information and data to accurately asses our
>  problems and challenge the status quo.I am interested in changing this
>  and exploring the ideas behind this if anyone is interested come and
>  say hello. Asides from this I have a deep interest in how technology
>  can help us all and how we can keep the web open and free. I have a
>  background in internet marketing so I also look at ways in which
>  businesses can be ethical and how ethical projects can become
>  mainstream and adoptable without compromising their integrity.
>> I
>  will be on hand at the conference along with all the other volunteers
>  so if you need anything at all do not hesitate to ask! I look forward
>  to seeing you all on Saturday.
>> Also everyone
>  feel free to use this mailing list to open up the conversation and get
>  to know one another before the conference official starts on Saturday.
>  It's every bodies conference and all ideas are welcome so don't be shy!
>> Will