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Giovanni P [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] GNUnet 2014-06-02 11:37:56 (5 years 4 mons 13 days 03:34:00 ago)
No, the RTC version is a port made by a single guy.

The main implementation is in continued development and will not go away. I don't know much about their internal workings, but they probably want to make a Windows-friendly version.

However, the RTC version seems to be the best thing that could happen to the project, and maybe it could take some community help.

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Ross Jones <ross@servercode.co.uk> wrote:

Nice that it’s going in-browser, the installation process for the out-of-browser version is a bit of a nightmare.   I can’t imagine many Windows users getting past https://gnunet.org/content/build-instructions-microsoft-windows-platforms, I’ve never tried it though, putting myself through autoconf hell never really appeals.

Will the old version go away when the RTC version is further along?  Is the RTC version currently Chrome only?



On 2 Jun 2014, at 14:33, Giovanni P <fiatjaf@gm ail.com> wrote:

Is this old news? Isn't it time to talk about it?

Even more now that it is getting a totally in-browser webRTC implementation?