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Thomas Levine [GG] Re: Which decentralized products do you use day to day? 2016-07-14 06:33:00 (4 years 8 mons 10 days 03:20:00 ago)

I'm working on a maybe-decentralized email list software (ypotf).
You can interview me if I finish it, or perhaps if I don't.

I use a bunch of things that might count because they communicate
substantially less with networks than contemporary services do.

* nmh (previously mutt and offlineimap)
* fossil
* MHTML firefox extension
* Kiwix
* recoll
* recollweb
* newsbeuter
* Garmin eTrex 30

And, of course, once I have all this stuff locally, I read and edit
files with assorted ordinary software

I'm thinking about making a standalone ZIM file reader and connecting it
to recoll because Kiwix is annoying to install and to use.

Once I start carrying more hard drives with me, I'll probably set up
an offline OpenStreetMap thing.

You could look at Internet in a Box.