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Jörg F. Wittenberger [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Thoughts on decentralization: "I want to believe." 2014-08-05 12:31:45 (6 years 8 mons 18:24:00 ago)
Am 05.08.2014 01:04, schrieb Adam Ierymenko:
> My over-all impression so far is, that the paper mostly concerns 
> efficiency and load balancing.  I'm not yet convinced that these are the 
> most important points.  IMHO reliability and simplicity are much more 
> important (as you mentioned in your blog post too).  I view efficiency 
> more like an economic term applicable to central service providers 
> operating services like FB.
Efficiency is really important if we want to push intelligence to the edges, which is what "decentralization" is at least partly about. Mobile makes efficiency *really* important. Anything that requires that a mobile device constantly sling packets is simply off the table, since it would kill battery life and eat up cellular data quotas. That basically eliminates every mesh protocol I know about, every DHT, etc. from consideration for mobile.

I did not want to say that efficiency is not important at all.

But I don't really see a value in an application, which is not reliable.  What's the value of n virtual asset stored at mobile when the mobile is lost?  Manual backup is no solution.  As long as data does not outlive gadgets there is little value left.