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Christian de Larrinaga [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] RDC 15 2015-10-16 13:38:46 (5 years 4 mons 9 days 23:55:00 ago)
I wish I could come along.  Though your note makes me feel 'plus ça change'!

When I established a decentralised news network known then as The London Third World Press Centre in 1987/8.  The motivation was very much to redress the balance or rather lack of, from mainstream media reporting on developing world issues by having correspondents communicate directly between each other and with media organisations. I will leave it to you to judge how successful that ambition has been.

The design team I led put together a peer to peer application infrastructure to support targeted distribution and clearing of news, events and distribution of background materials and personal interest preferences from anywhere in the world with each other that worked over PSTN via mobile devices correspondents used at the time and acoustic couplers. Internet was not a big thing in UK let alone Africa then. 

I've been thinking about how the vision was not really accomplished after the World Bank and others took it over and what to do about that. One observation is key institutions can't think let alone act in decentralised or distributed ways.  So even a bullet proof decentralised service tends to become centralised to suit the organisational and cultural expectations of such organisations. There are some legalistic liability excuses that escalate this trend of course.

The web also has also trended in that direction. Although the web's design left the door wide open to centralisation by separating out client and server functionality which was a consequence of a design choice for broken 'hyper' links.  That simplification was pivotal and not always in a good way for making application design decisions. Particularly where today developers have no experience of a pre web world.

Whether the "realtime" web is scalable remains to be seen but the opportunity is now emerging and I have to say I am intrigued enough by my recent dips into it to wonder if the time is not right to revisit some of these ideas.

If the meeting comes up with interest do get in touch!


will.sch wrote:


I'm Will (one of the many volunteers helping to organise RDC 15). Firstly I'm massively excited about this weekend's conference. I think we are going to have a lot of fun and there are some exceptionally talented people coming so it will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn and hear new ideas. Decentralization is a big opportunity to create positive societal change in many areas and that is the reason I volunteered to help.

One of my main interests is looking at ways in which we can create news publications that are controlled and edited by it's readers, that are censorship proof, that remove bias from journalism and allows more accurate and transparent dissemination of information to citizens. After all, information and news are what allows us, as a society to make good decisions and build lasting systems that benefit us all. It is not enough just to give people the ability to change things we also need to give people the information and data to accurately asses our problems and challenge the status quo.I am interested in changing this and exploring the ideas behind this if anyone is interested come and say hello. Asides from this I have a deep interest in how technology can help us all and how we can keep the web open and free. I have a background in internet marketing so I also look at ways in which businesses can be ethical and how ethical projects can become mainstream and adoptable without compromising their integrity.

I will be on hand at the conference along with all the other volunteers so if you need anything at all do not hesitate to ask! I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Also everyone feel free to use this mailing list to open up the conversation and get to know one another before the conference official starts on Saturday. It's every bodies conference and all ideas are welcome so don't be shy!


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