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Peter Rushforth [GG] Re: Redecentralize Radar, our super picky usable app directory 2017-08-03 10:24:00 (3 years 9 mons 5 days 21:31:00 ago)

I think maps don't get enough recognition as a centralization story, but when you think about it, the objective of many map providers is centralization.

We in the Maps for HTML Community Group have been working on fixing by pushing maps as a standard for integration with HTML,  and we have developed what we think is a "Try" level offering.  Hopefully if
people try it out they might consider joining our group (strength in numbers) and commenting on any issues they find.  The objective is to become a "Share" level offering :-).

I wrote a blog post talking about progressive web maps, which might give you an idea of our objectives.

The (custom element) client can be installed for your web site (if you have bower) with : "bower install web-map".

There are some map services available here: http://geogratis.gc.ca/mapml/en/ 

And server software is available on github OR for issues with the specs or the software: https://github.com/Maps4HTML 

Pleased to discuss here or in issues or any of the linked resources.

Good luck with re-decentralizing the Web and the Internet!