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Adrien [GG] Re: So centralized! 2016-04-07 09:07:00 (4 years 6 mons 12 days 10:57:00 ago)
On 07/04/2016 14:59, Ira wrote:
> Adrien, are you volunteering to set up & maintain a mailing / list
> forum? (Hooray!) Because if so, the one I'm interesting in getting for
> rdc is http://www.discourse.org/. Will you set it up?

Not really... but I don't need to do it, Pierre offered it already ;)

For the mailing list, as he said Framapad is serious but for now their
service "framalistes" is not open to the public. Anyway, if the members
of this list are ready to switch to a mailing list which is not hosted
by Google, we can find a person or an entity willing to host. Let me
know if you want me to have it done (only a mailing list, no fancy stuff!).

And sorry if I have hurt someone with my previous message, but yeah, I
don't like Google. I know that it's difficult to live without them but
at least concerning the mailing list, it is easy.