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Johan Pouwelse [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] The Shadow Internet: Please help us to get funding 2014-03-21 18:36:20 (6 years 5 mons 28 days 00:40:00 ago)
Hi All,
Indeed, Shadow Internet has a negative connotation to some.

It's not easy to explain Tribler quickly. Basically we have a fully
decentralised Youtube,
plus are doing anonymous streaming tests now.

Tribler is not merely a streaming Bittorrent client, we build various things on
top of our P2P distributed database, such a wiki-style editing of metadata.
We do not use the TOR network, we enhanced their protocol to make
it compatible with our NAT puncturing techniques.
Overview paper: http://sigmm.org/records/records1201/featured03.html

About the merit of Bittorrent..
Our framework offers generic SOCKS5 interface, so other apps can also use it.

> Also what is the point of that graph on that last link - what are you trying to communicate to the user? And why are you using a line graph to plot a discrete variable? Under what circumstance would you want to use a 1- or 2-hop circuit, and how are you communicating this choice to the user in the UI?

If you are referring to the hops versus download speed graph..
This is just the result of an initial measurement with people on
our forum. This was our first indication that our method could yield
6x or 8x the download speeds of Tor. We now have run test with 8-hops.
It all depends on people also donating bandwidth when they use
anonymous streaming.
Several phd students worked on improving our indirect reciprocity mechanism
over the past 7 years. See initial work with Harvard and recent code:

Greetings, johan.

On 21 March 2014 15:56, Paul Frazee <pfrazee@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Johan,
> Can you sell us/me on Tribler a bit? Looks like it's a bittorrent client
> that you're putting behind TOR, plus an over-the-local-wifi feature. The two
> things I wonder: what's the merit of bittorrent as a replacement
> communication structure when applications don't communicate via
> file-sharing, and would this perform well enough to make it useful now?
> Also second Ximin's thoughts on the use of negative-sounding terms.
> Be well,
> Paul F
> On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 9:43 AM, Johan Pouwelse <peer2peer@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Re-decentralize takes a lot of effort and money.
>> We're aiming to get a share of $2.75 million of funds being handed out
>> by the Knight Foundation and spend it on the good cause.
>> However we need your help to get it.
>> Our entry:
>> https://www.newschallenge.org/challenge/2014/submissions/the-shadow-internet-a-censorship-free-communication-infrastructure
>> Please create an account at this website, upvote and discuss our entry!
>> We really could the funds for a few extra pair of hands in the team.
>> This is not illegal astroturfing, they only fund initiatives with proven
>> deep community roots. Please re-tweet..
>> (https://twitter.com/TriblerTeam/status/445971016972787712)
>> For the past 16 years I have been working with my research team on
>> building
>> privacy-enhancing technology, today in a capacity as an associate
>> professor.
>> So far we had 1.4 million installs of our Tribler software.
>> Now we're got the TOR wire specs operational in Beta with
>> modifications for UDP support.
>> Plus backwards compatibility and anonymous streaming from existing
>> Bittorrent swarms.
>> Next step is expanding our Android port and enhance our NFC sync
>> capability.
>> Tech docs:
>> https://github.com/Tribler/tribler/wiki#tor-like-onion-routing-and-privacy-protection
>> Our promo text: The Shadow Internet - a censorship-free communication
>> infrastructure
>> The shadow Internet is an alternative communication infrastructure.
>> Under active development for several years, it's specifically crafted
>> to be resilient to sniffing, blocking, filtering and shutdown. A place
>> for free expression and [...]
>> Thank you for your help!   -johan.