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maze@strahlungsfrei.de [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Search Tech Talk 2015-10-17 01:08:30 (3 years 11 mons 19 days 18:45:00 ago)

Hi Hugh,

searching the web is, at least in Europe, a very monopolistic matter. I think it is one important task to build (decentralized, if possible) alternatives to Google search et al. This could be a very interesting talk to listen to, in my opinion. 

So, a +1 from me. Would gladly attend your talk!


Am Fr, 16. Okt, 2015 um 2:23 schrieb Hugh Barnard <hugh.barnard@gmail.com>:
Hi folks

Just to do a little 'expressions of [dis]interest' research.

I have a talk on search engine tech fundamentals that I've given at a Raspberry Pi jam and a tech college. I feel that understanding/developing search is important for:

- critical appraisal of current engines
- building 'honest' engines and encouraging [as in 2000] diversity in search
- hooking bits of the 'freed' infrastucture together and making them discoverable

This isn't a university/commercial level talk [no discussion of scaling-up, heavyweight discussion of parsers, tokenisers etc.] it's for people that want to start/know-a-little-more

So would anyone be interested in hearing/engaging with this? Otherwise I can sit back and listen to a whole host if interesting stuff, my original plan.

All the best Hugh