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Torbjörn Johnson [GG] A distributed CDN 2017-03-07 09:43:00 (5 years 3 mons 18 days 03:19:00 ago)

Hello Everyone,
Want to share with you the launch of a new distributed Content Distribution Network (CDN), primarily intended for video broadcast on demand. It's free to use (View) but requires registration to become a broadcaster. It scales to unlimited viewing hours for free! Broadcasters never upload to any central and expensive video server but use their own server or Mac to broadcast.

Take a look at: www.fairsharemediaworld.se (Beta)

It uses Webtorrent (Thanks Feross and Diego!) to avoid the download of any app for viewing. Just click the video in the catalogue and it plays in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera). The product has its roots in the EU-funded project P2P-Next but has been further developed by DACC Systems AB in Sweden.

Currently there are a few demo videos available but you are encouraged to contact me to get an invitation to try to broadcast your own videos.

What do you think? Suggestions are welcome.


anishmg [GG] Re: A distributed CDN 2017-03-07 10:12:00 (5 years 3 mons 18 days 02:50:00 ago)

Is this open source?

feross [GG] Re: A distributed CDN 2017-03-08 21:37:00 (5 years 3 mons 16 days 15:25:00 ago)
Torbjorn – cool project. The hardest part of any initiative like this is to get user adoption. Why will the average content producer put their video on your site vs. YouTube which is easier and has all the viewers and name recognition? That's the hardest part of a project like this.

It's not all about the tech – in fact, if WebTorrent is working correctly, the user won't even be able to tell that the video is P2P vs. HTTP. What actually matters much more is: 1) the quality of the product, 2) the user experience, and 3) the marketing. I think all people working on P2P tech should get this tattooed on their knuckles so they remember to not spend all their time on coding :)

Anish – the underlying WebTorrent project is open source. See here: https://github.com/feross/webtorrent