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Marc Laporte [LibreList] Tiki Suite - Server, Web, Desktop and Mobile suite 2014-06-26 21:53:55 (5 years 3 mons 16 days 22:22:00 ago)

Tiki Suite is a selection of Free / Libre / Open Source Software
(FLOSS) server, web, mobile and desktop apps with a concerted focus on
greater interoperability, security and adaptability, which is aimed at
small & medium-sized organizations. The Tiki Suite is especially
suited to decentralized and knowledge-centric organizations and offers
most (80%+) of the features all organizations need, such as: Email,
Website & Blog, Shopping Cart, Intranet & Project Management,
E-learning, Social Networking, Knowledge base, File sharing, Issue
Tracker, Video-conferencing, LDAP, VPN, Gateway, Network, etc. You can
install anywhere (home, office, laptop, data center, etc.)

"How come all our systems don't work together?" is a common
frustration. Most organizations use dozens or even hundreds of
software applications, systems and online services. Interoperability
between them is a constant struggle. Time is wasted moving data from
system to system. Data & feature duplication, data silos, dependency
hell, etc. Organizations are held back by the complexity.

Tiki Suite is arguably the most features you could ever get from a
relatively small number of components:
Each component of the suite has a proven track record to manage its
own internal complexities, and, as a community, we are handling the
interoperability between the components. So your organization can
maintain full control of all your data, with Free / Libre / Open
Source software (FLOSS). You can self-host on premise or on rented
servers. It can be customized to your needs and we urge you to
contribute to this community-driven and innovative project.

This project was born out of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. Tiki is 11 years old and:
* http://tiki.org/FLOSS+Web+Application+with+the+most+built-in+features
* http://tiki.org/FLOSS+Web+Application+with+the+fastest+release+cycle
* http://info.tiki.org/article188-Tiki-reaches-500-contributors-with-commit-access
* http://info.tiki.org/article192-Tiki-Passes-1-Million-Downloads

Tiki's success is due to a lot of hard work of course, but also to its
unique development model. All projects are unique, but the "Tiki
model" is more unique than most :-) Now, the Tiki Model has been
extended to a software suite: https://tiki.org/Model

Tiki, as a PHP application, is designed for shared hosting and can run
on just about any operating system. However, for Tiki Suite we have
selected ClearOS for deeper & tighter integration. ClearOS is a
cloud-connected Server, Network, and Gateway operating system designed
for homes and distributed organizations. ClearOS is a central
component of Tiki Suite and has a very large number of well integrated
features to choose from: Mail & Webmail, LDAP, VPN & Firewall, etc.
Most of the apps are available via a point & click web interface. For
special needs or things not yet available as apps, it's a GNU/Linux
distro based on a "Prominent North American Enterprise Linux Vendor"
so you can install from RPM, etc.

The Real Time Communication (RTC) part of Tiki Suite is inspired by
the excellent http://www.rtcquickstart.org/ guide. We want this to
become as much as possible a point & click installation experience,
using Prosody as the XMPP component.

A key part of Tiki Suite is to have a high level of integration
between the components. Thus, when you create a user in the ClearOS
user system (which is OpenLDAP), this login works for all apps:
Prosody & Jitsi, Tiki, Zarafa & Thunderbird, ActiveSync, OpenVPN, File
shares (Samba), Kaltura & BigBlueButton.

We look forward to collaborating with you all and we are looking for
testers and contributors to make it as awesome as it can be!

Best regards,

Marc Laporte