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Jörg F. Wittenberger [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Re: Trustworthy Contract Handling - Comparison Of Approaches 2014-08-15 19:21:54 (6 years 7 mons 18 days 14:34:00 ago)
Am 15.08.2014 18:46, schrieb Nicholas H.Tollervey:
>> Question: Am I correct to understand that the "key" field serves
>> this purpose?
> It is, indeed a unique identifier for the item.


>> I'm a bit concerned about the inclusion of some public_key here.
>> This identifier should IMHO only cover non-repudiable, public (or
>> semi-public) meta data.  No private data an nothing one would ever
>> want to change.
> I'm not sure I understand you completely. The public key is required
> in order for third parties to validate the signature (created with the
> associated private key).

May I ask: why does it have to be that way?

Experience teaches that public/secret key schemes need to be change over 
time.  We call them "circumstantial" for the dependency on a secret 
being kept secret.

It would be IMHO much better if the proof would be possible even without 
relying on PKI limited by such secrets.
Most signature schemes actually sign a hash of the underlying info 
anyway.  Why not expose it as an independent proof?

> Quite... the drogulus is supposed to be application agnostic. 

(as is Askemos  ;-)

>> So I need an environment where I see agents (be them accounts
>> representing human users or automated, autonomous processes)
>> communicating via asynchronous, unreliable, unidirectional
>> messages. That's how we observe human interaction in writing.
>> Humans or juristic persons sending letters, registered mail etc.
> Again, quite. Actually, it's not just humans - I've been reading quite
> a bit of literature on insect interactions, communication and
> behaviour. A good overview and a book I particularly enjoyed was
> Deborah Gordon's "Ant Encounters - Interaction Networks and Colony
> Behaviour".

No, don't do that to me!  Ant's.  Yes, sure I looked at those too!

>> Side note: Tuns out documents like contracts (which is what
>> "business" boils down into) could seen as a finalized subclass of
>> agents which just don't change state ever.  However in practice a
>> fuse mounted directory at my desktop is just yet another such
>> agent, certainly changing state.
> Hah... a trivial distributed "Dropbox" clone built with fuse is one of
> my target "quick example" applications (a la "create a blog" for web
> frameworks and "create a todo list" for Javascript frameworks).

Want one?  Takes a minute.  ;-)

> OK... I'm going to call a time-out. I've read the following but won't
> comment simply because I'm about to leave to spend some time on a
> remote Scottish island without internet (but I wanted to reply before
> I left the relatively connected location of the mainland - I'm playing
> email catch-up).

See you soon.