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Jos Poortvliet [LibreList] heads-up - draft api for cloud-to-cloud sharing standard 2015-08-06 17:21:52 (5 years 1 mon 1 day 12:54:00 ago)
Michiel de Jong [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] heads-up - draft api for cloud-to-cloud sharing standard 2015-08-06 19:06:34 (5 years 1 mon 1 day 11:09:00 ago)
Yes, important topic, thanks for posting this! There already is a W3C community group for this, and ownCloud is a participant in it:


It's currently made up mainly of people from ownCloud, Cozy, Known, and IndieHosters, and we had some discussion at and after the FLOSS4P2P unconference, which is here:


We built proof-of-concept proxies that can convert for instance a remoteStorage or Cozy server into something that exposes the endpoints required by the ownCloud federation protocol.

We also already produced an IETF internet-draft giving an overview of the steps involved in decentralized sharing: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-dejong-decentralized-sharing-00

Current work within the group mainly focuses on using Cozy (or ownCloud) to select for instance a photo you want to share, and then using the MicroPub protocol (http://indiewebcamp.com/micropub) to post that photo to an IndieWeb-compatible blog, for instance your Known website (https://withknown.com).


On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 5:21 PM, Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet@gmail.com> wrote:
Frank just published a draft of a proposed Federated Cloud Sharing API - as
in, how to connect different file share and sync clouds.


We already shared this with a bunch of other open source file sync & share
projects and some standards bodies and are now looking for wider comments.

Ideally this gets picked up by W3C or another standards body, we don't want
this to be an ownCloud-specific thing (why else publish it as a draft

It is, very pragmatically, built on REST and WebDAV and TLS - no fancy  global
distributed hashtable stuff (though we actually are looking into that to
create a global 'address book' for this). The plus side is of course that it
works today - you can already share between ownCloud instances and we hope
that the reliance on well known technologies makes it easy for others like
pydio etc to implement (they got the draft in advance, btw, so did several
others, including some standards organizations like W3C).

There's some more background info here:

If you're a techie into this kind of stuff, your feedback is really

Let's federate our shit ;-)
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