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Steve Phillips [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Video interview request: Red Matrix 2014-12-01 02:23:24 (6 years 4 mons 6 days 14:37:00 ago)
"Everyone’s time is valuable, and often in short supply, but getting more videos up more frequently would be great."

Idea: in exchange for the privilege of being interviewed, how about interviewees must promise to interview someone else within, say, 2 months (of their original interview)?  Those who don't want to play interviewer could simply find someone else to do so in their place.

And if we can't convince any of the previous interviewees to become interviewers to bootstrap this process, I hereby volunteer to interview whomever the community would like me to.

Thoughts?  "Pay it forward," shall we? :-)

--Steve Phillips
Co-founder of Santa Barbara Hackerspace

On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 1:28 AM, Ross Jones <ross@servercode.co.uk> wrote:

> On 1 Dec 2014, at 09:12, holger krekel <holger@merlinux.eu> wrote:
>> Don't do anything illegal
> That seems like something that is negotiated in our societal surrounding
> context and is thus redundant to state or demand again.

I think in this context it is probably, “Don’t do anything that will land another community member in Jail. Particularly Ross because he’s claustrophobic.”

I don’t think people’s adherence to the law is particularly black and white on the whole (even ‘Judges' drive faster than the speed limit from time to time).

>> Don't do anything that can damage the good name or the
>> reputation of the party.
>> Don't use any funds of the party. You may ask for funds.
> Don't really apply i guess because "redecentralize" is not a party.
> So all in all i think referencing the pirate party rules is of limited
> value and i suggest to rather write down something more directly applicate
> to the site and project.

You’re right of course, we probably should extract the relevant parts.

> I am certainly not alone in appreciating if you, Irina and Francis stay
> majorly involved, help people along and continue to drive and do
> interviews yourselves.

I think things are currently going ok, but as always more help, involvement, volunteers would be very welcome and would definitely benefit the community. Everyone’s time is valuable, and often in short supply, but getting more videos up more frequently would be great. I feel bad because I am pretty shy, and not overly keen on being on video, and I realise our dependence on Francis and Ira for interviewing people isn’t really sustainable.

For the interviews specifically, and it’s my personal opinion, I’ve *love* to see interviews done by members of the community with projects that interest them.  I mean, I love both Francis and Ira, but equally I’d like to see different approaches to the interviews and more of them.

I think my contribution on this topic could probably be shortenedd to - “If you want to do an interview/blog post/article and put it on the site, you can. If not, that’s cool too"