We’ve had enough of digital monopolies and surveillance capitalism. We want an alternative world that works for everyone, just like the original intention of the web and net.

We seek a world of open platforms and protocols with real choices of applications and services for people. We care about privacy, transparency and autonomy. Our tools and organisations should fundamentally be accountable and resilient.

frabcus [GG] London meetup next Wed eve 12th April: 2017-04-03 08:05:00 (5 years 2 mons 21 days 06:27:00 ago)

We've two speakers at our London meetup next month:

1. Matthew Hodgson from Matrix.org and Riot.im talking about decentralized chat, encryption, and new methods of communication

2. Me, talking about Redecentralize Radar http://redecentralize.org/radar/

You can sign up here!