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Nicholas H.Tollervey [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Yesterday's London meet-up 2014-01-08 10:49:44 (7 years 2 mons 27 days 23:47:00 ago)
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On 08/01/14 10:14, Ross Jones wrote:
> For the benefit of those of us that couldn’t make it, but might be
> interested in events in Germany … could you elucidate?


At last year's Europython Holger Krekel (cc'd) gave a keynote titled
"The return of peer-to-peer computing"
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCgl0xXFVOg) which is well worth a
watch. Buddies at the conference tweeted at me during his talk telling
me I should "get in touch with this guy" (knowing my interest in P2P).

We exchanged emails and a group of us met for a P2P sprint in November
2013 working in small groups on various different bits of technology
in both a practical "hacking" sense (i.e. we wrote code) and in a
broader philosophical / architectural sense (i.e. we debated,
discussed and brainstormed). It was a lot of fun.

At the end of the week we did a sort of show of what we'd all been
collaborating on. Holger, Fabian and I presented what you can find at
http://p4p2p.net/ - we basically imagined what would be required in a
framework for writing P2P applications: as Ruby on Rails or Django are
for web applications, we asked ourselves what would be the equivalent
for P2P..? In the end we looked at re-purposing some of the DHT work
I'd been doing on the drogulus and Holger's execnet project
(http://codespeak.net/execnet/). Since then, I've been lobotomozing
the drogulus in order to extract the DHT parts that could be re-used
in p4p2p.net.

Andi, Tom, Florian and Yiorgis looked at / discussed / presented /
hacked upon / broke / mended WebRTC, Tahoe, Crypho and techniques for
punching holes in firewalls / NAT.

We intend to do the same sort of thing again in Freiburg, perhaps here:


(Sleeps 4-10 people and there's further accommodation and plenty of
Alphorns close by - check out the photos.)

The provisional dates are Sunday, March 16th -> Friday, 21st.

If you're interested in attending drop me and/or Holger (cc'd) a line.

Hope this makes things clearer and I'm more than happy to answer any
questions you may have,

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