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Jörg F. Wittenberger [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Thoughts on decentralization and deperimeterization 2014-09-05 14:13:39 (5 years 1 mon 8 days 00:43:00 ago)
Am 04.09.2014 19:45, schrieb Paul Frazee:

Got one question here: this seems to replicate data.  Does it protect
against malicious updates too?

It creates a verifiable log only -- the content of the messages is an application concern. We're looking at CRDTs to deal with convergence, but the systemic model for security is the reputation system.

CRDT = "Cambodian Rural Development Team"  ;-)  Ah, no "commutative replicated data type".  I love abbreviations.  Though I don't see how the operations in question could ever commute.  Either I got money before I can spend it or I can't spend it.  What am I missing?

This reputation system would be interesting to me.  But I can't find much about it.

So if I wanted to build applications like that one on scuttlebutt...
possible?  How would I make sure the wallet is always correct?

It is possible. Trust is the hard part in all of this. Once you have trust, then book-keeping is eventual consistency.

Hm.  Isn't this saying "no, SSB is a data replication layer, you need something like an agreement on top to establish trust"?  (Though once I have that agreement, reconciliation is relevant only for nodes which missed the update itself.)

After you've distributed identities, you need to distribute data-structures as well,

This would be the easy part.

Exactly. Identity is the unsolved problem for decentralization.

Don't understand that remark.  So far I've been under the impression that it's not hard to decentralize identity per se.  (Use a canonical hash proofing some interesting property. The property could be simply a key or better a certificate proofing additional information together with the key.)

What's hard to decentralize would be human-meaningful names to those identities.

Or did you address something else by "identity"?