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Francis Irving [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] Hello! 2013-12-10 01:52:00 (7 years 3 mons 27 days 08:14:00 ago)
That's be a great blog post!

Your deadline is the end of the holidays - so say January 2nd?

Audience is 1) power users* interested in changing to decentralized
solutions, 2) in so doing, any developers / product designers reading
to learn pain points big and small that need addressing.

Markdown please (that's right, isn't it Ross?). And some pictures /
subheadings to make it look good.

And feel free to split it up if it starts to get long (e.g. do mobile
as a separate post). Would rather it shipped and was readably short,
than comprehensive! Can add further posts later...


* In the end, we obviously don't want this stuff to only be usable by
power users. But given your description below, that's realistically
where we are.

On Mon, Dec 09, 2013 at 02:15:09PM -0500, Danny Knestaut wrote:
> Yeah, I can't code or hear worth a damn, but I can write. If you
> want a blog post reviewing software, I can deliver. Especially if
> you need it from the point of view of someone who is not
> particularly tech savvy. If you want to give me a deadline and tell
> me who your target audience is, I'll do it.
> I've replace Chrome with Firefox, and Google Search with DuckDuckGo.
> For Google Drive, Music, Picasa, Calendar, and Contacts, I dug an
> old desktop out of my closet and slapped on Ubuntu, OpenSSL, and
> ownCloud. I didn't care for ownCloud's Newsreader, so I installed
> Tiny Tiny RSS on my server and have been happy with that as a Reader
> replacement. To replace Documents, I've just fallen back to using
> FocusWriter and syncing the ODT files through ownCloud, though I
> hear live document editing is in version 6 of ownCloud, which hasn't
> worked itself down to the repo I'm on yet. I've replaced Google Plus
> with diaspora*. I looked into hosting my own diaspora* pod, but that
> required more expertise than I have, so I just use a community pod.
> For my Chromebook, I used Luigi to replace Chrome OS with Linux Mint
> Xfce, and I've been very happy with that.
> For Android, well, long story short, I reinstalled the OEM OS on
> both my phone and my tablet, but just hit SKIP when each asked for
> my Gmail address, and then hit SKIP again when they asked if I
> wanted to use Google Location Services. I then installed F-Droid and
> Aptoide to get some apps to interface with my server. It's not a
> perfect solution, but it's easy, and it required no rooting and
> ROMing, so I didn't have to brick a second phone.
> For Gmail, I looked into rolling my own email server, but I gave up
> for three reasons. First, I don't know enough to get around my ISP's
> restrictions. I realize I could install an email server on a paid
> host, but the second reason is that I use email in a professional
> capacity. I need my email to work all the time, so I decided it's
> best left to the pros. As a result, I just pay for IMAP service from
> my registrar and leave it at that because the third reason I'm not
> bothering with my own email server is because I wish email would
> crawl away and die. It's cumbersome, insecure, and a pain in the
> butt. I'd like to use Bitmessage instead, but it's adoption is
> pretty small.
> Where I'm having problems with self-hosting is task list management.
> The task list app in ownCloud just doesn't work for me. In it's
> place, I'm using a plain text file, a start-up script, an
> application called Remind, another called qToDotxt, and an Android
> app called Todo.txt Touch. It's a mess, and it's all tied together
> with Dropbox, which I'd like to get away from. After the holidays,
> I'll investigate a promising application called Taskwarrior to see
> if it can replace all this junk and kiss Dropbox goodbye.
> I'm also having trouble replacing Evernote. Currently, I use an
> application called KeepNote, and sync all the KeepNote files through
> ownCloud, but it's not very elegant, and there is no Android
> counterpart, so I also end up using a lot of plain text files and
> emailing myself notes when I'm not in front of a proper computer.
> Anyone know of better solutions?
> Danny
> On 12/09/2013 08:22 AM, Francis Irving wrote:
> >
> >Whats the list of services you're using instead of Google ones?
> >
> >Would love a writeup of what you're using and how good or bad
> >you've found it!
> >
> >Maybe a blog post for our blog once it starts? (should be soonishl
> >
> >On 8 Dec 2013 23:21, "Danny Knestaut" <danny@knestaut.net
> ><mailto:danny@knestaut.net>> wrote:
> >
> >    My thanks to Redecentralize for spreading the cause, and for this list
> >    serve.
> >
> >    Redecentralization became important to me personally when Google shut
> >    down Reader. Until that day, I was a Chromebook-toting,
> >    Android-wielding
> >    fanboy. Although Reader wasn't the first Google service pulled out
> >    from
> >    under me, I vowed it would be the last one. I've since cancelled my
> >    Google account and have replaced almost all of the Google services I
> >    used with self-hosted solutions that I control.
> >
> >    I'm interested in learning about the various alternatives to
> >    centralization, and I'm happy to share what little knowledge and
> >    experience I've gleaned in trying to be decentralized.
> >
> >    Danny Knestaut
> >    on diaspora* at: https://diasp.org/people/0cd83c244ac3303a
> >    on Bitmessage at: BM-NBpoGQiAfM2NzHgQoCUY7snwDQ9C6L2A
> >

Do *you* have an awesome idea you never quite manage to do?