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ben [GG] Re: Public Money until tomorrow evening: 2016-04-11 11:25:00 (4 years 11 mons 13 days 22:11:00 ago)
Hi PY,

I tried this morning, the survey was still nok, and Pierre told me this afternoon that Michiel told him that the survey should have been reopened : I tried and ... yes, the survey was open again !

I don't know how this is possible, but I like to think that it is thanks to my bottle at the sea of yesterday evening. I see here the proof of the power of decentralized logics ;-)

I don't know if my answer can help, but for sure not telling anything will not move the lines !



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On 11/04/2016 19:48, Pierre-Yves Gosset wrote:
Le 10/04/2016 23:54, Benjamin ANDRE a écrit :
Thank you Pierre for the hint !

I answered the survey, the site was ok this evening, but when I tried to submit, the survey had been shut down... glup :-(

So, here is my bottle for the sea :
If anyone knows anyone at DG Connect, do not hesitate to send him my answers bellow (a kind of decentralized answer to a centralized survey :-)

Hi Benjamin,
did you try the email on the bottom of the survey?
"Please do not hesitate to submit any additional supporting documents directly to CNECT-E...@ec.europa.eu with the Subject: Supporting Documents."

Good luck!

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