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Kiktron RAKO [LibreList] Re: [redecentralize] 2014-05-27 23:24:13 (5 years 4 mons 16 days 20:30:00 ago)

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2014-05-27 23:08 GMT+02:00 Tic Nticsebastian <patrick.sebastian7@gmail.com>:
Hi there! I am so glad I found you guys! It was by let's call it "coincidence"... I saw a facebook post from my Pirate Party, from which I belong to and take part in, of your site. My name is Patrick and I'm from Romania, Cluj-Napoca city. For a year now I've been studying networking, a little bit of programming  and some sys-admin-ing and for three years I've been an actor. By myself I've wanted to start a new small social network that in time, came out to be bigger than I ever thought it could be. I need help. A lot of help. I want to create a new social network based on the open-source movement, secure(encrypted) and a decentralized way of building out a new internet that we so much need. Attached is  just a simple draft that I have. I noticed that on redecentralize. org everybody is speaking about their own kick-ass new way of doing things! Why not put them all together in  a way that every end-user that has been so far "learned", with the way that facebook or other social networks work, can actually make a practical use of these incredibly great ideas? My idea is to make a new social network that has at it's main core the Open Software movement coming from Richard Stallman. This is at all means just the building block of my idea. I need more people that are gifted in these domains to help me out and start working together. I'd really like to be able to talk to someone about this. Basically what I am doing now is to look for people to help me out and advise me. At the middle or end of summer I want to make an open call for developers and programmers world wide to help out.  The reason behind my open community  is that "having to be friend with a person&quot ; on facebook is just another firewall to spread ideas, initiatives, social and cultural movements across the globe, as well as regional. We should all be "available" for each other no matter what, but in a secured and responsible way of using the tools that we are provided. Sadly there are few of us that know how to use the internet. We need to inform and teach people how to reuse the internet.  You may call it a new social movement. Please see my humble draft. I tried to put together some of the things I've seen here and they make sense. There are a lot of other useful tools that we may use, like ArkOS on the raspberry's the Serval project for free messages and call's inside a city by using a hybrid "android access point". And many, many more that are here on your site. Eventually you guys made everything more clear for me :) There are some that are unclear to me as how they work such as the unhosted. But in due time I will understand better. 

Looking forward for your answer.  I'd like to make my idea known in the redecentralize community in order to get the help I need. If you wish I could make a video-chat and explain better what I want to do with anyone who is taking interviews.​​