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We seek a world of open platforms and protocols with real choices of applications and services for people. We care about privacy, transparency and autonomy. Our tools and organisations should fundamentally be accountable and resilient.

Ross Jones [LibreList] Help/volunteer request - Interviewees for social ramifications of online privacy 2014-05-15 08:31:47 (6 years 4 mons 3 days 10:51:00 ago)

A friend who I bumped into at the first London redecentralize meetup (reminder: we should have another) is doing her 'social and cultural psychology' thesis at LSE* on the social ramifications of online privacy. I guess it’s no secret here, but perhaps not so widely understood by normal people.  One aspect of her research is interviewing people in software/tech and privacy, I’ve volunteered and I was wondering whether anybody else would be willing to give up a small period of time to do an interview (via whichever medium you’d like). I’m not sure it’ll fix anything, but I for one am interested in how the issues are seen from a psychologist’s point of view.

If anyone’s got the time and could mail me off-list, that’d be great.



* London School of Economics.